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Tarbiat Modares University
History of University

Tarbiat Modares University was established in 1981 for the purpose of achieving the goals set out in the University’s Statutes, drawn up by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, as the descendant of the Islamic Revolution and as a pioneer university engaged in education and research, with the aim of producing and promoting of advantageous knowledge, extending the boundaries of knowledge and technology, and as a scientific, Islamic identity and revolutionary leader, especially training the faithful and committed-to-the-Islamic-Revolution faculty members required by the universities and higher educational and research centers for the needed fields and for the purpose of expansion of higher education and fundamental change in the Iranian higher education and development and reinforcement of the movement of science production and software movement and increase our share in the scientific production and development of humanities and emphasis on Islamic fundamentals and national needs and modern and applied technologies by interaction with scientific, regional and international centers.
Currently, the scientific activities of the University embrace a wide range of varying science domains, made up of 169 fields of Master’s Programs and 129 fields of Doctoral Programs, offered by 16 Faculties:
- Humanities, Economics and Management,
- Technical and Engineering,
- Electrical And Computer Engineering,
- Chemical Engineering,
- Civil and Environmental Engineering,
- Biomedical Engineering,
- Arts and Architecture,
- Basic Sciences,
- Bioscience,
- Mathematical Sciences,
- Agriculture,
- Natural Resources,
- Marine Sciences,
- Interdisciplinary Science and Technology,
- Mechanical Engineering, and
- Law
and 16 Research Centers and Research Institutes, including,
- National Center for Power Networks Studies and Planning,
- Research Center for Surfacing Management and Maintenance,
- Iranian Center for Management and Productivity Studies,
- Center for Biotechnology Research and Development,
- Economic Research Institute,
- Center for Religious Culture and Thought Studies,
- Information Technology Research Center
- Water Engineering Research Center,
- Center for African Studies,
- Environment Research Center,
- Center for Legal Studies,
- Center for Management Studies,
- Center for Islamic Revolution Strategic Studies,
- Center for Bioscience Studies and Policy-Making,
- Chabahar Research Center,
- Persian Language and Literature Research Center,
as well as
- Science and Technology Park,
- TMU Noor International Branch and
- Iranian-Syrian Farabi University (under construction in Syria).
Such cases enable the only comprehensive postgraduate university not only to enjoy an effective and valuable share in production of science and meet the scientific and research needs, but also play a vital role in the achievement of a merit scientific standing via a scientific continuous movement together with other academic centers.
Additionally, Tarbiat Modares University has received the required authorizations for the establishment of new faculties which are needed in Iran in line with Irans 20-Year Vision Plan.
University had 9591 students in October 2014, made up of 3605 students in doctoral programs and 5986 students in master’s programs. The University enjoys 660 faculty members, and about 60% of them are either associate professors or full professors. It is to be noted that the central library of Tarbiat Modares University is one of the three libraries which have been chosen by the Ministry of Science for the implementation of National Scheme of Document Supply.
With a constant emphasis on the quality of education, research, student, cultural and international scientific affairs, Tarbiat Modares University, by moving several steps upward, has achieved the standing of three top universities in Iran and the top universities in Iran, subject to Clause (G) of Article (50) of Fourth Development Plan Act and 10 top universities of Islamic World and the Middle East. It is noteworthy that according to the latest ranking of Iranian universities in respect of production of science released in ISI database of Islamic World Science Citation Center, Tarbiat Modares University has achieved the first place.

bulletHistory of Tarbiat Modares University at a Look

1980: Emergence of the idea of bringing fundamental change in universities and higher education institutes, which emanated from Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts, especially his New Year address
1981: Approval of the University’s Articles of Association (with the name of Tarbiat Modares School)
1982: Admission of students in some humanities fields
1983: Admission of students in some medical sciences fields
1984: Admission of students in other fields and educational departments
1985: The first graduate with master’s degree
1986: Completion of the University’s statutes and change of its name from school to Tarbiat Modares University
1987: Approval of organizational chart at Admin. and Employment Affairs Org.
1989: Approval of detailed organization of the University
1992: The first graduate with doctoral degree
1998: Formation of the University’s independent audit board
1990: Delegation of authority of curriculum planning to the University
2007: Amendment of the University’s statutes by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution
2006: Approval of Plan of establishment of Noor Int’l Campus by the Trustees Board
2007: Obtaining permit of establishment of faculties of language and literature, social sciences, management and economics, mathematical sciences from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and approval of the same by the Trustees Board
2013: Obtaining permit of establishment of Faculties of Law and Mechanical Engineering from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and approval of the same by the Trustees Board
2013: Obtaining permit of establishment of faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and approval of the same by the Trustees Board

Chancellor of Tarbiat Modares University
Dr. Farhad Daneshjoo

Dr. Farhad Daneshjoo,Chancellor of Tarbiat Modares University

Former TMU Chancellors

Dr. Ebrahim Sanaee

Dr. Ebrahim Sanaee
April 1982 till April 1983

Dr. Najafgholi Habibi

Dr. Najafgholi Habibi
April 1983 till Sep. 1987

Dr. Kh. Sadrnezhad

Dr. Kh. Sadrnezhad
Sep. 1987 till Aug. 1988

Late Dr. Seyed Ahmad Eftekhar Hossein

Late Dr. Seyed Ahmad Eftekhar Hossein
Aug. 1987 till 1991

Dr. Mir Mahdi Seyed Esfehani

Dr. Mir Mahdi Seyed Esfehani
1991 till Oct. 1995

Dr. Abbassali Tasnimi

Dr. Abbassali Tasnimi
Oct. 1995 till Sep. 1997

Dr. Saeed Semnaniyan

Dr. Saeed Semnaniyan
Sep. 1997 till Sep. 2005

Dr. Farhad Daneshjou

Dr. Farhad Daneshjou
Sep. 2005 till July 2010

Dr. Bijan Ranjbar

Dr. Bijan Ranjbar
May 2010 till July 2014

Dr. MohammadTaghi Ahmadi

Dr. MohammadTaghi Ahmadi
July 2014 till November 2021