Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mission of Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty is to promote engineering knowledge through creative and innovative research and to educate our students to be engineering leaders and to solve complex civil engineering problems. Our faculty members are dedicated to provide our students with a basis for life-long learning and for successful collaboration as productive, ethical team members. The Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering is an exciting place full of intellectual vitality. The research and academic programs emphasize the cutting-edge science and technology, applications to the civil engineering infrastructure and systems, environmental awareness, and leadership in the civil and environmental engineering profession. The Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering capabilities combined with a well-established systems approach to large problems, offer opportunities to students and faculty members, which are inherently multidisciplinary. The Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering offers a variety of M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs. Each program offers a challenging mix of class work, lab work, and research which is directed for training the leaders in academia, industry, and government. Master of Science program is a versatile program, suitable for students who intend to launch a career in academia, and also for those who want to get a position working for an engineering firm. The Civil Engineering doctoral program offers students the opportunity of pursuing a challenging academic career in different areas of civil engineering. The programs emphasize fundamentals of engineering based on science and math and provides an education that prepares students for applying engineering methods in the broader societal context, further study, and leadership in the field. The programs provide the preeminent advanced education in civil and environmental engineering through advanced courses and numerous opportunities for research.

The Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering offers its M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs in the following seven departments:

  • Department of Structural Engineering
  • Department of Earthquake Engineering
  • Department of Highway and Transportation Engineering
  • Department of Water (Hydraulic) Engineering
  • Department of Hydraulic Structures
  • Department of Soil and Foundation Engineering
  • Department of Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Transportation Planning