Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences is one of the major mathematics faculties in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has an excellent research and education reputation, a strong, demanding program of graduate studies in mathematics, and a full range of excellent graduate courses. The Faculty of Mathematical Sciences includes 20 permanent academic members with research interests in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Sciences. Students and faculty members are encouraged to interact through a variety of courses and seminars. Faculty of Mathematical sciences has four departments: Applied Math., Pure Math., Statistics and Computer Sciences. Department of Applied Mathematics is active in Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis and Optimization. The research areas in the Department of Pure Mathematics include Algebra (Group Theory and Non Commutative Algebra), Analysis (Harmonic and Functional Analysis), Dynamical systems, Topology-Geometry (Algebraic and Differential), and Logic. Department of Statistics is actively involved in Spatial and Environmental Statistics, Statistical Shape Analysis, Multilevel Data Analysis, Bayesian Inference and Official Statistics.
Departments of Pure Math., Applied Math and Statistics offer admission to students in M. Sc. and Ph. D programs. Department of Computer Sciences admits only M.Sc. students.