Biological Sciences


Following the establishment of Tarbiat Modares University in 1361, educational and research activities related to life sciences began with three members of the faculty in plant sciences and genetics groups in 1366. Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics were added to this category in 1367 and then Department of Biology was formed into four groups consists of plant sciences, genetics, biochemistry and biophysics in 1372. Nanobiotechnology field was also added to this category in 1386. Department of Biology was added to the Faculty of Biological Sciences in 1388.


School of Biological Sciences, is a pioneer in basic and applied research. It is the top colleges among in the production and dissemination of knowledge in the area.


School of Biological Sciences, tries as a distinctive and unique college graduate to engage to the production and dissemination of knowledge in basic sciences relying on faculty, students and staff competent, committed and ambitious in . School was responsive to scientific needs of the scientific community and industry through the development of basic and applied research and creation competitive atmosphere and tries to maintain their scientific excellence in the country to enhance its world-class pay.

  • Response to sientific needs of society and the international environment
  • Scientific acceptance in the world
  • Continuous efforts in knowledge creation and knowledge development
  • Provide high quality of educational, research, technology and consulting services
  • Protect the dignity and human dignity
  • Promote Justice, Islamic culture and motivation of academic competition
  • Develope cooperation between national, regional and international
  • Respect to scientific theorizing
  • Make continuous relation with graduated students
  • Create creativity and innovation